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Product Range
Yarn Conditioning Plant  
Yarn Conditioning Plant
Bluemoon Advantage
Low power consumption.
Low maintenance.
Low process cost.
Short payback period.
High quality conditioning.
Uniform moisture gain through out the package.
Moisture level increases by 1.5 TO 2%.
Salient Features
Designed as per ASME SEC VIII DIV I.
Non corrosive stainless steel used for material of construction.
Welding joints are tested with radiography.
Vessel is insulated externally to maintain negative (vacuum) pressure which helps in producing cold saturated steam at low (48° c) temperature.
Option of normal vacuum (700 mm-Hg) or high vacuum (750 mm - Hg) i.e. 99%.
Precise process control as sensors interfaced with PLC based control panel. This allows the process to activate only as per prescribed limit of parameters like water level, pressure, temp, & time etc.
Precise software ensures accurate repetition of process.
Single or multicycle process facility.
Hydraulic door opening system for utmost safety.
Automatic platform for feeding and removing trolley from the chamber.
Condensation prevention roof plates are provided to avoid water droplet on yarn package.
Advantages Of Conditioned Yarn
Increased single yarn strength and elongation.
Improved hairiness.
Constant friction coefficient.
Better running ability for subsequent production process.
Enhances productivity, reduces fly generation, improves fabric softness.
Conditioned Yarn

Cold saturated steam is produced at low temperature (46-48°c) by indirect steaming system and by maintaining vacuum pressure in vessel, This is mandatory for gentle process and even steam penetration.

Bluemoon Yarn Conditioning Process
Exhausts all air from cone
Evenly penetrates in to the yarn.
Holding Period
Holding Period
At constant temp. yarn gets conditioned homogeneously.
Final Vacuum
Final Vacuum
Exhausts all gases & steam from the machine.
Even Steam Penetration
Even Steam Penetration
For homogeneous yarn quality
Gentle Treatment
Gentle Treatment
No condensate spots
Treatment Temp.
Treatment Temp.
Vacuum helps to produce cool saturated steam at low (48° C) temp.
Short and Energy Efficient Treatment Time
Short & Energy Efficient Treatment Time
Control Panel
Control Panel
Touch Screen operator front panel
with PLC for Precise repeatability.
Technical Specifications
Data BM 500 BM 800 BM 1000 BM 1500
Capacity (Kgs./Batch) 500 Kg. 800 Kg. 1000 Kg. 1500 Kg.
Diameter of Vessel 1.6 Meter 1.6 Meter 1.6 Meter 2.0 Meter
Usable length 2.5 Mete 3.5 Meter 4.5 Meter 4.5 Meter
Overall Diameter of M/c. 2.1 Meter 2.1 Meter 2.1 Meter 2.6 Meter
Overall Length of M/c. 4.0 Meter 5.0 Meter 6.0 Meter 6.0 Meter
Overall height of M/c. 2.1 Meter 2.1 Meter 2.1 Meter 2.6 Meter
Area required (W x L x H) in Meters 5 x 9 x 4 5 x 10 x 4 5 x 12 x 4 6 x 15 x 5
Connected Load (Elect. Heater) 72 KW 96 KW 108 KW 144 KW
Connected Load (Vacuum System) 5.5 KW 7.5 KW 11 KW 11 KW
Heating Source Electrical Heating Coils / Steam Boiler / Thermic Oil Heater
Working Temperature 48° C to 110° C
Working Pressure 700 mm Hg / 13.5 PSI (1 kg/cm2)
Method of Loading Mechanised
Method of Locking Hydraulic
Vacuum System vacuum pump to achieve 700 to 750mm Hg
Material Of Construction S. S. 304
100% Cotton
Blends like PV. PC. Spun
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